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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I've created this website to document my creative journey for the purposes of looking back and tracking my process, as well as for creating any possible opportunities for connection, inspiration and future growth.

I've always loved writing, drawing, music and many other creative endeavors but have never been confident enough to share it with the world. There was always a constant stream of creation... an urge or pull if you will. I always found myself putting pen to paper, or having to jot down ideas, or sing my feelings into a song but the ideas always sat there and rotted away simply because I felt that I was alone on this journey.

This whole space is an attempt to pay my respects to my own soul and its expression. Whether this resonates with one person or one hundred, I feel this is something I need to do to not only create opportunities for love for others but also for myself (I strongly believe that creativity is a constructive form of therapy). Hopefully you can find something here that makes your journey a little more meaningful and optimistic- tiny triggers, a ripple in the wave.

We're all just riding this wave called life. I support you on your journey.


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