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About art

Art is not about.. expressing what you think emotions look like

Its more about expressing yourself from that place.

When you are in a happy state of mind and you draw you see things in a positive light, therefore you gravitate more towards happier colors or shapes or symbols or combinations –the perceiver

When you are in a negative state of mind, you go for more dull colors and shapes

When in frustration your brush strokes become more agitated, and through action that shows

To be a true empath is to understand another person’s work of art simply in the way that it is expressed, by putting yourself in that person’s shoes, why they wanted to create what they did and what kind of states of mind they were in at the time.

To be a true empathy is to be able to understand a company’s visions and create according to that, according to the vibe they want to maintain or create.

Truly authentic art is personal art

That’s why when you listen to upbeat music, your heart beats faster, your brushstrokes become more flowing with the beat

With slower music your art more elaborate and calming, soothing almost.

Art flows out of us. It is not something that we consciously control

The artist’s ability and bravery lies in being able to document these emotions while you are in these states—to not run away but to face it full on in its full intensity, to make these emotions tangible and understandable.

The art I want to put out is one of authenticity but document a journey of love in its purest form. Gratitude and kindness and dancing. The heart times call for grieving through art but there is always a reason to dance, to sing, to paint and to let out your energies.

How aware are you of your emotions and how present are you with your art

How much are you able to step into another’s shoes and experience empathy?

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