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If anyone can relate

I always thought that every thought I had was not justifiable or something up for rebuttal. And I let other peoples opinions kill the raw thoughts that I had and prove that they had no place in this world. But I never really knew that for sure. I always use the people around me as the benchmark for the validity of my truths but in reality the thoughts I had were influenced by something else.

Especially in the age of the internet when our inspirations come from anywhere and everywhere, our thoughts can also feel isolated from our current physical surroundings. But they have a place in this world and come from somewhere. So it’s time we honor our uniqueness. We are a collection of our experiences and each experience means something. Expressing yourself wholeheartedly is the key to paying homage to these experiences and thoughts. Be authentic with it. Do not hold back or put those things on hold.

Because our inspiration comes from somewhere, it’s natural that some one will relate to them. It’s up to you to find out if anyone feels the same.

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