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gratitude does not kill ambition, it fuels it.

Avoiding being grateful because you want to push yourself to grow doesn't make sense to me anymore.

We're always going to be chasing something with this mentality, never satisfied.

But gratitude/presence & ambition for self-growth can work hand in hand in this way;

Being grateful looks like...

I have a roof over my head

I have food to eat

I have supportive people around me

I get to work

I get to create

I can breathe clean air

I have a blessed upbringing

I am safe

Being ambitious for growth while being grateful looks like....

So I have all of these resources gifted to me...

How can I create something greater than myself and serve the common good with all of these blessings and sources of joy? How can I give back to the universe?

Everything is working for me. Life is working for me to achieve my best self.

How can I respect and live up to that?

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